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Jayden I love the game and some games are educational

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A Swarm of Rats Miner and Sunken Treasure scared the crap out of me when I was little. The music and graphics for Ezone Solitaire are obnoxious and awful but I love the gameplay and the scoring system. I'm really into the word games and the Tetris clones. Game quality is pretty hit-and-miss but it's got some gems that make it worthwhile overall.

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brodie pitts Loved the game when I was little and I am still using it now for my music assignment.

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Max Miner Loved Max Miner at school, me and my friend competed to see how far we could get within the lunch break.

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Guest I love brainy games but it uses so much space so I am not allowed to use it which is fair enough.

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Guest I have a question, I bought a copy of 101 card & board games, it was a few years ago, I need to replace the CD as it has stopped playing all the games listed accept for 6or7 the ones I really enjoy are the ones it won't play. I think it's worn out.Can I get a replacement if so from where?

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Jacob Clinton

Jacob Clinton 101 Kid's Brainy Games is a very cool software including lots of mini games for people who want something to do or to make people happy. My favorite game is Miner Max - it's a very cool game, just like all 90 or more games on 101 Kid's brainy games!

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