101 Kid's Brainy Games

101 Kid's Brainy Games 1.0

Developed by Nodtronics Pty Ltd
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Nodtronics Pty Ltd

101 Kid's Brainy Games 1.0 is a piece of software designed to help children ages 3 to 12 to develop their memory, awareness, self confidence and concentration, speed, while playing and having fun. It provides 101 games divided in 3 main groups: The games for children ages 3 to 6 are Chicken’s Bedtime, Mouse Skills, Memory Madness, Follow Me, Sorting Animals, What’s Different Games?, Spy, Memory Buster, Pattern matching, Sight & Sound, and Sums Slimer. The games for kids ages 6 to 8 are Animals of Africa II, Dragon Quest, Ezone Solitaire, Golf game, Mahjongg, Classic, Shuffle, Math, Word, No Bull, Noughts & Crosses, Sums Slimer, Wordfind, Boxplosion, Ezone Jigsaw, Fish, Haunted Staircase, Lenny Didgeridoo, Maize Quest, Memory Buster, Memory Madness, Miner Max, Monkeys & Bananas, and Musical Cookie. And the games for kids ages 8 to 12 are Absolute BlockBuster, Remover, Collector, Blockbuster, Blockbuster Adv, Turn Play, ButterFlight, Pairs, Twins, Trios, Quads, Dark Tiles, Diamond Drop, Gonzo Heads, Magic World Builder, Marble Buster, Mysterious Palantir, Sixer Twins, Multi Sixer, Triad Twins, Multi Triad, Dyad Twins, Multi Dyad, Dyad Battle, Triad Twins Battle, Multi Triad Battle, Arcade Chaos, Attack, Escape, Black Hole, Impact, Paratroopers, Fatal Threat, Back Strike, Air Patrol,Crazy Basketball, Divider, Removal, Sticker, EurekaChess, Knighty Night, Matching Hearts, Miner Problem, No Bull, Paper Scissors Rock, Snowfall Flaketrix, Sums Slimer, Super Word Slide,Volley Balley,Who Am I?, Arcade Bubbles ,Balloon Kaboom, Beetris, Billabong Dash, BK Challenge, Bubble Lines, Bubble Thriller, Squares, Hexagons, Bubbles, Defender, Flower Power, Looking for gold, Miner, Mosaic Mystery, Proto, Smiling Bubbles ,Spelling Bee ,Sunken Treasure ,Trivia Board Game ,Word Wiz, and Wordfind. It runs under Windows 98, ME, and XP operating systems.

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